Difference between Persia and Iran?

What is the difference between Persia and Iran? The answer is that Persia is Iran. Iranians have called their country Iran since the 3rd century. The origin of the name Persia comes from Ancient Greek mythology. Zeus’s son Perseus and Queen Andromeda had a son names Persus. He moved east and became the ancestor to the people of Persus, or Persians. In 1935, the Iranian government asked the international community to refer to the country as Iran, which has always been its official name.

Other countries that are called a different name by the people of the country:

Germany, Deutschland

Greece, Ellas

Armenia, Hayastan

Finland, Suomi

Albania, Shqipëria

Egypt, Mesr

Algeria, al-Jaza’ir

Japan, Nippon

China, Zhōnggúo or Chung-kuo


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3 Responses to “Difference between Persia and Iran?”

  1. sixpillarstopersia Says:

    I thought it was about the Empire – some of us say we are British others say we are English….

  2. hotshot bald cop Says:

    Never considered it that way.

  3. Tifozet kuq e zi Says:

    Tifozet kuq e zi…

    […]Difference between Persia and Iran? « History Lists[…]…

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