5 ways the Axis could have won World War II.

I am assuming that Russia maintains their alliance with Germany and Japan throughout the war.  It is hard to imagine the Americans staying out of the war, but without Pearl Harbor, the massive commitment made by Americans may not have been as strong until it was too late.

1. Germany invades Great Britain immediately upon France’s capitulation. Despite huge German casualties, Great Britain, Ireland and Iceland would likely fall into German hands before the United States could enter the war.  Without a Atlantic base of operations, there could have been no Normandy invasion.

2. Germany does not invade Russia. Hitler, instead sends his entire invasion force to Egypt and the middle east. All of North Africa, and Asia are in Axis hands by the summer of 1943.  Without the Suez canal, the Allies could not resupply the Far east as effectively.

3.  Japan does not attack Pearl Harbor.  The Japanese forces attack British held Burma and India and take control of the entire Indian Ocean by the end of 1943.  Japan was defeated by the British in India in 1944, but the British would be less powerful with Egypt and the Suez canal lost.

4. Japan and Russia (who were allies) invade China. Japan takes control of China proper, and Russia controls Manchuria and Korea by the end of 1943.

5. Russia invades Alaska and Canada. Japan invades Australia and the Philippines. Germany invades South Africa, and on to South America. The U.S. would have to hope for a favorable peace treaty in this scenario.

If the political Allaince of Germany, Russia, and Japan could maintain their peace, They could have controlled the world. This is a wild assumption of course knowing the personalities of Hitler and Stalin. Individual Revolutions would eventually spring up and the Axis controlled world would likely crumbled by the 1950’s.


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One Response to “5 ways the Axis could have won World War II.”

  1. Daverakk3187 Says:

    The Soviets would have been kicked out of Alaska and Canada. They wouldn’t have been able to supply their troops with the US Army and Canadian Armies pressing from the South and East. While the Navy and Army Aircorp would have devastated what little Navy the Soviets had. The US Navy in growing strength and size could have stopped any invasion into the Western Hemisphere. The United States would have invented the Atomic Bomb in the 40’s as well as the Axis later on. It would have become a Cold War type of scenario. Like above, the Axis would face a massive insurgency and infighting would have led to the end of the Axis.

    The best case scenario for Axis victory (besides not invading the Soviet union or attacking the United States) would have been a joint attack on the Soviet Union. Germany from the West and Japan from the East. There were plans drawn up by the Imperial Japanese Army called the North plan. The plan was scraped after the German/Soviet non aggression pact. So believing that Germany would not Invade the Soviet Union the Imperial Navy was given the go ahead to prepare for the South plan. The rest is history.

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