10 Worst days in Dow Jones History.

Rank Date % Chg
1 12/12/1914 -24.39
2 10/19/1987 -22.61
3 10/28/1929       -12.82
4 10/29/1929 -11.73
5 11/6/1929 -9.92
6 12/18/1899 -8.72
7 08/12/1932         -8.4
8 03/14/1907         -8.29
9 10/26/1987    -8.04
10 7/21/1933 -7.84

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5 Responses to “10 Worst days in Dow Jones History.”

  1. BP Says:

    As bad as the stock market crashed today (Sept 15, 2008) it was only a 4.4% drop. Not even in the top 20.

  2. GP Says:

    Today might get close to the #10…

  3. Climateer Says:

    The 1914 decline was the result of failure to take account of substitutions to the index during the trading halt. The actual DJIA was up a fraction on the first day of trading after the halt.
    The ’87 decline is top o’the heap although the Oct. 28-29 1929 cumulative beats it by a percentage point or so.

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  5. becky Says:

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